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May. 10th, 2009


Writer's Block: All About My Mother

Who is your favorite mother (the character, not the actress) from television or the movies?

It has to be Lorelai Gilmore because she wears awesome clothes, talks at 100mph and is very pretty.

Feb. 26th, 2009


I tried and failed to keep it to 15

I know everyone can say that but here goes:

The albums that changed my life Facebook thingy.

Live After Death. Iron Maiden

Far Beyond Driven. Pantera

Deliverance. COC

Rust In Peace. Megadeth

Use Your Illusion II G n'R

Dopes to Infinity. Monster Magnet

Burn My Eyes. Machine Head

Sound of White Noise. Anthrax

Psalm 69. Ministry.

Badmotorfinger. Soundgarden

Ten. Pearl Jam

Master of Puppets. Metallica

Don't Be Happy...Just Worry. The Wildhearts.

Troublegum. Therapy?

Plastic Planet. G/Z/R

Low. Testament

Jun. 2nd, 2008



One of the great things about 'roids is that I finally have my sense of smell back ( granted it's not always a blessing!) Upon realising it had returned, and my chest was not about to cave in, I went to my cabinet and laid out all of my perfume, Philosophy and Molton Brown stuff and had a feast!
I must have looked very odd.

I'm loving the smell of coffee ( there was a time when it flowed through my veins) but still not mad on the taste. It kinda started when I switched from cow juice to Soya milk. You have to make sure that your hot beverage is a super special secret temperature when you add the milk or it curdles and goes rank.
The exact temperature, and getting to it, is some magical point between nicely drinkable and COLD. It's a science and I gave up after many ruined mugs of tea and coffee.

I terminated my love affair with tea ( which I took pretty hard) there was nowt more metal upon coming home after a evening of rocking than a hot cuppa in a massive mug ( my oversized ceramics collection is sadly now redundant as it bursts my stomach with fluid!)

I ended up making a cold coffee, topping up with soya and bunging in the microwave. RESULT.
( FYI Tea and soya milk tastes like evil)

I have learnt that I do not like "fake" processed cheese. 20 minutes in the oven atop of a beautifully made tuna sub ( a tune melt, right?)

The orange square just fucking sat there, like the Andy McNabb of the Tofu Kingdom. It didn't melt, it barely sweated.

I was disgusted.

No Cheeze for this Kitty.

But the smell thing is pretty good, I'm loving the smell of JD and the smell of lemons ( why?!)

Best of all is the smell of Scott, the back of his neck to be precise. I had forgotten how much I loved that smell. It made me a bit emotional ( but I didn't tell him,lol!) I felt connected to him all over again.

Speaking of smells, not having one would have been great for Download!
I really do hope that you guys have the good weather ( even though I'm thoroughly depressed about not going) and I'd love lots of photo posts when you get back!

Mar. 20th, 2008


Nigella to the rescue.

The easiest dinner ever. I promise.

You need Linguine pasta. Boil it up.

Fry some pancetta or lardons ( or chop up a load of bacon into cubes) in either garlic olive oil or chop up your own garlic to add to the oil.

Let it go as crispy as you want.    drain your pasta and then put it in the pan with the meat.

Pile it up on your plate and add cheese.


Bored at home. The consultant has signed me off for another 2 weeks. I really hope I'm well enough for Down.
I'm still house bound as catching a cold at this point will see me straight back into hospital and I can't afford to go private again.
He has offered to take me on as an NHS patient which is wonderful.
But his hospital is in Farnborough.

Feb. 13th, 2008


Shiny and new. MissyKat no longer exists thank goodness.

And very empty.

I don't like it.


And for those of you that want to know:

Kitty Von Danzig has many and varied interests. They include Metal, Metal and more metal.
Cooking, drinking, going to gigs, exploring new places, days by the sea, wrestling,vikings, films,chilling out, messing around with makeup, being girlie, dressing up for a night out, staying in bed, Terry Pratchett, collecting my sexy anime models to create an uber hot and buxom army, Top Gear,cowboy hats,anything camo, black, silver or purple, motorbikes, cocktails, decorating everything in sight, cats, wolves, polar bears, panda, metaller boys and girls, looking at other people's tattoos and lots more.